weathering with you

It was really cold today; according to a co-worker it was 9 degrees with the windchill. Today is also day 2 trying out what I will call my triggering exercise. It’s still pretty early on in the process, so I’ll save my thoughts on it for another time. Nonetheless, it’s quite nice to have a routine set up to clear my mind–regardless of how short lived the feeling might be. On another note, I spent the evening with my girlfriend watching a movie: Weathering With You. If you’re a fan of anime or good films in general, I recommend it. It’s from the same dude who directed Your Name (forgetting his name and for the sake of the exercise that this blog post is part of I won’t let myself get distracted too much). It was a visual treat and was amazing to experience in a theatre. Go see it while it’s still showing!

Some notes on the exercise:

  1. I can already see where I can short cut the process (which is part of the recommendation)
  2. The feeling of focus I get after doing the initial steps is quite amazing (so far)
  3. I’m about to finish the book and am also finding ways I can incorporate the other parts
  4. I’m starting to notice that distractions are less detrimental to my focus; I’m starting to embrace them
  5. I’m embracing how I like to do things regardless of how “out of the norm” they may be; it’s part of the process
  6. I might start the routine in the mornings some days, some days in the evening–like today
  7. It’s been 17 days since I’ve had caffeine

That’s it for now.

Written January 17, 2020